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What is Grout?

GroutGrout is a composite material used in construction to fill voids and seal openings in surfaces. It has similar properties to mortar, but the basic elements of grout are cement, water and sand. Mortar is different because it can be made with various other binding agents besides cement. The primary layman’s association of grout in construction is with tiling. After tile is laid on floors or walls, grout is typically used to fill in the space between the tiles and to add a final level of permanence to the job. This may be the most widely recognized use for grout, but it is not the only application.

Grout is an excellent filling material used to fill and firm the installation of building materials that have inherent voids. For example, hollow concrete blocks are often filled with grout after they are set. The installation of rebar for reinforcement of a block based walls will require grout as a means for setting the metal rods permanently. The numerous applications of grout do all use the same name, but the composition is actually different. Therefore, tile grout is of a slightly different composition than floor grout or structural grout.

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