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What is Hickory?

HickoryHickory is a type of wood that is known for possessing a unique balance between strength and stiffness. The specific choice to install Hickory cabinetry is usually the result of an appreciation for the unique visual quality of this wood or for its durability. Hickory is most known for being the wood of choice for cooking, smoking and curing meat. However, when making cabinets out of hickory it is has a reputation for being considerably more expensive than other more common hardwoods.

Buying solid hickory cabinetry is a novel investment, but typically an impractical one. Freestanding pieces of kitchen furniture are commonly constructed from Hickory to offer a rustic décor. To take care of a solid Hickory piece of cabinetry or furniture, it is important to never rest hot pans or dishes directly on the wood’s surface. If a spill occurs, it should be quickly cleaned up before it is allowed to discolor the wood.

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