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What is a Jigsaw?

jigsawA jigsaw is a power tool favored for use when cutting nonlinear shapes and edges. This is a hand tool comprised of a thin blade that has a controllable throttle trigger for variable cutting speed. Though a jigsaw can be used to cut straight lines in material, it is not typically good for this practice. Instead, a jigsaw is ideal for intricate shapes and curves that are small enough to be cut by hand.

The limiting factor of a jigsaw is its blades. This handheld saw can be used to cut metal or wood simply by changing the blade. Since the blade is small and thin, it is extremely easy to accidentally bend or snap a blade. The vibrating movement of a jigsaw can be difficult to control for inexperienced users and that can result in damage to the project material or the blade. The best way to ensure efficient cutting is to apply light forward pressure so that they blade always has adequate time to cut.

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