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What is a Knob?

knobA knob is a piece of hardware connected by a single point and used to operate a cabinet drawer or door. Knobs are different from pulls because they only require a single bolt to attach to the cabinet where as a pull typically requires two or more bolts. Knobs are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to compliment any cabinet set. They are usually bulbous, but the term can also be used to describe any type of ornamental piece attached to the cabinetry by a single short shaft. This is one of the pieces of cabinetry hardware that can be easily changed out by simply using a screwdriver to detach the existing one and replacing it with a new stylish version.

There are classic knob styles that resemble glass or ceramic pieces that were hand crafted in the past. Today, customers have the choice of purchasing low cost sets of knobs that are available from hardware store, but visiting resale shops may still yield some antique style knobs. Wood cabinetry can be made to resemble a classic style or a modern period simply by changing the knobs. They are a small detail that is easily replaced and has a tremendous effect on the overall look of a cabinetry run.

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