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What is a Pin Hinge?

Pin HingeA pin hinge a traditional hinge style that rotates on a vertical axis maintained by a single pin. Pin and barrel hinges are used for cabinetry doors, but they are also very commonly used on both interior and exterior doors. The pin hinge is usually constructed with two moving leaves that are wrapped around a pin. The pin can often be removed on full-sized doors, but cabinetry doors tend not to make this option readily available. That is because cabinetry doors have smaller pins that are easily bent.

Cabinetry runs can be made with hidden hinges that only reveal the pin and barrel at the seam. This is a classic and affordable look. However, if one is pursuing a more antiquarian style, then purchasing pin hinges with decorative leaves that will embellish the seams of cabinetry is a great option. Such hinges can be made from a wide variety of metals, but blackened iron is the best option for a muted beauty that embellishes without overpowering.

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