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What is a Light Rail Molding?

Light Rail MoldingLight rail molding is used to hide the fixtures of any top cabinet’s underside lighting system. The use of this style of molding is primarily functional, but it can also be used to create an eye-catching finishing detail to the top cabinet project. Choosing light rail molding that matches crown molding will unify the visual appeal of a cabinetry run while adding an impression of heightened craftsmanship.

To create a light rail molding, cabinetmakers can use a separately carved piece of wood or simply utilize scrap pieces from the cabinet’s original construction. Most light rail moldings are added to a project on sight at the conclusion of the installation, but they can also be added at anytime if an owner decides to install underside lighting at a later date. The most difficult part of the installation is in ensuring that a proper cutout is created in the wood to allow it to be attached to the lower front edge of an installed top cabinet.

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