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What is Outside Corner Molding?

Outside corner molding defines a style of molding that will be used to cover a raw corner of the cabinet box. When installing cabinetry, the edges of the cabinet boxes are typically left raw and unfinished to allow for the addition of decorative edges later in the installation process. When the cabinetry run is being finished, a piece of molding will be attached to cover that raw edge. One end of the molding will be butted up against the wall. The spot where the molding changes direction will require an angular cut to create a joint for the pieces of molding to meet at an outside corner or an inside corner, which is one appropriate use for this term.

However, outside corner molding may also refer to the style of molding itself. Inside corner moldings tend to appear triangular in shape and are designed to be set into a corner such as the one underneath the countertop. An outside edge molding is typically “L” shaped and is attached to an edge to cover the original raw corner of the cabinet such as those along the bottom edge of top cabinets. It is easy to distinguish when comparing the two types of molding and they should be easily recognizable in the store. Outside edge molding is less frequently used and is therefore only has a limited selection at most stores.

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