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What is Birch Wood?

Birch WoodBirch wood is a light wood with a very fine grain. It is often used to make cabinets, furniture and hardwood floors. It is also frequently used as a veneer due to its beautiful grain and color.

The two types of birch wood that are most readily available are yellow birch and white birch. They both are very pale in color with a blend of gold and white. Birch wood is one of the least expensive woods on the market. It can easily warp as it is drying, but once it has been completely treated, it is extremely strong and durable. Birch wood is a very easy hardwood to stain and finish. It is often used as a substitute for maple because it has a similar grain pattern. It is much easier to work with than maple and it takes stain more readily. Birch wood is commonly used for plywood because of its strength and inexpensive cost. The wood is also used frequently as a veneer for cabinets and floors.

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