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What is a Custom Cabinet?

Custom CabinetCustom cabinets are storage areas which are measured, designed and built to fit a unique room. They may be mounted to the ceiling or the floor.

Custom cabinets are storage cabinets that are built specifically for the area in which they will be used. A professional carpenter or cabinetmaker can measure each space within a room and then plan and design cabinets to match the layout and measurements of the room. Custom cabinets are specially created to fit all walls, to open around obstacles and to reach the desired heights. This prevents the cabinet units from being too large or too small. They are built to order in a remote workshop before they are assembled onsite and installed in the home. Although most modern cabinets come in premade modular units, custom cabinets offer options for any design or space. Custom cabinets are especially useful in multipurpose rooms or around appliances that are not a standard size. Custom cabinets can be made from a variety of wood and may have wood, tin or glass doors.

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