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What is a Mortise and Tenon?

mortise-and-tenon-jointA mortise and tenon is a type of joint that is made up of two parts. The tenon portion of the joint works as a peg, and the mortis is the hole or slot into which the tenon is inserted. The pieces are then glued together during assembly.

A mortise and tenon is a popular type of joint that is used to connect two pieces of wood. The tenon is a peg, and the mortise is the slot in which the tenon is inserted. Mortises can be created using any choice or combination of a drill or drill press, chisels, or a router. Tenons are often cut onto the end of a rail can also be made with many hand saws, table saws, routers or chisels. Most mortise and tenon joints are square or in shape, but round peg shapes are also common. Standard mortise and tenon joints are assembled at a ninety degree angle, but many other angles and variations are possible. Once the joint is correctly sized and passes a dry-fit test, then glue is applied before the pieces are set to dry. For extra strength, a pin, nail or screw may be added to lock the pieces together.

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