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What is No-Mortise?

No-MortiseNo-mortise refers to hardware that does not require cuts in the wood for hinges to be attached. No-mortise
hardware is a quick and easy option for installing hinges.

No-mortise hinges do not require cuts to be made in the wood to install the hinge. No-mortise hinges are thinner than standard hinges, which limits the gap on the doors of cabinets. No-mortise hinges leave only a small space between doors or the door and frame. These hinges are available in profile and interior mounted varieties. Some no-mortise hinges are designed specifically for full inlay doors. These hinges have a leaf that provides extra support by wrapping around the door. No-mortise hinges can be used for doors, lids, shutters and drop leaf desks. They are available in several sizes and finish to match several decorative styles. Many no-mortise hinges are constructed of brass, which can be more expensive. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers have made no-mortis hinges using steel before they apply the appropriate finish.

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