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What is a Mullion?

MullionA mullion is a type of cabinet door that features glass panels rather than solid wood. The glass panels have dividing bars similar to those found in window panes.

A mullion is a cabinet door that is composed of glass panes. The panes are separated by wood or aluminum strips, which create a grid. This mimics the feature that is found on many types of windows. Mullion cabinets are both functional and decorative. The cabinets store glassware and cookware, which can be easily seen by the homeowner. A mullion cabinet is ideal for cabinets containing precious china or Depression ware dishes. Mullion cabinet doors can be combined with other doors styles, which allow the homeowner to conceal certain types of items while displaying others. Mullion cabinets are often sold in premade units, but cabinetmakers will also accept custom orders. The cabinets are initially assembled without glass, which allows homeowners to choose to use other materials, such as tin or paneling, in place of glass.

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