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What is an End Shelf?

End ShelfAn end shelf is a shelf that is placed at the exposed end of a run of cabinets to maximize all space. There are two common ways of constructing end shelves. First, an end shelf can be achieved by attaching individual shelves to the outer end of a cabinetry run. The Second method is to use a free-standing constructed piece that has exposed shelves mounted inside a cut-away housing. Both types of construction constitute an end shelf, but the free standing version is superior in strength because it is mounted like another cabinet and therefore becomes part of the integrity of the top cabinetry run. Adding individual shelves to an exposed end will allow for simpler customization, but the strength of the shelf will be greatly reduced and may require additional supports that can disturb the aesthetic of the cabinetry scheme.

Top cabinetry that is mounted to a dividing wall, like those commonly found in apartments, is ideally suited to end shelves. Smaller end shelves can be incorporated into cabinet-run breaks around windows. The shape of the end shelves can be used to add another visual element of texture to one’s cabinetry.

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