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What is Putty?

PuttyPutty is a compound that is used to seal or fill openings and gaps. There are several types of putty available, including plumber’s putty and wood putty.

Putty is used to hide imperfections or flaws in products. Wood putty is a compound made of wood dust and other materials. The most difficult part of applying wood putty to a project is matching the shade of the putty to the wood, so there are several shades of putty available. It may be applied to nail holes, or it can be used to cover small imperfections in the wood. The putty is then sanded and stained to match the finish of the original wood. Grain filler may also be referred to as putty. It fills the pores of open grains to provide a smooth and even surface. Plumber’s putty is another type of putty and is used to seal water pipes. It is especially useful when installing or repairing sinks, showers and toilets.

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