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What is a Sealer?

SealerA sealer is a product that is applied to the wood in order to protect it from damage. Sealers include stain, shellac, paint and oil.

A sealer is a product that coats the wood in order to provide a layer of protection. Sealers effectively block the pores of the wood from becoming altered due to moisture or chemical reactions. There are a variety of sealers on the market, and each has its own advantages. A sanding sealer is a very thin lacquer that provides a smooth surface for the following coats of finish. There are also sealers that form a barrier around the surface of the wood so that it cannot be damaged by cleaning products. Sealers may also prevent the grain from rising, or they may add color or depth to the wood. In many cases, the term simply refers to a type of finish that is being applied to the wood.

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