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What is a Wood Filler?

Wood FillerWood filler is a product used to create smooth surface repairs to holes in wood. The holes filled in with wood filler can be the result of something as miniscule as the grain. In such cases, wood filler is used to smooth the surface of a wide grain wood to ensure even absorption of stain and finish. Wood filler is also useful when finishing nails have been driven in to a project and the area above the wood needs to be filled in to conceal the nail’s head. Using wood filler to patch large damages or inconsistencies in wood surfaces and is another use, but this can result in some very unflattering properties in the finished project. If a large area is to be filled with wood filler, than the project should be painted with an opaque finish.

The composition of wood filler is made of a binding agent and a filling substance. Professional grade products are produced that have the consistency of putty. This type of wood filler is easier to work with and offers color options that can be matched to project for even finishing results. However, an early technique for creating wood filler that is still used by many woodworkers is to take saw dust from a project and mix it with wood glue to create a simple filler that will naturally match to the projects wood color and properties.

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