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What is a Self-Close Mechanism?

Self-Close MechanismA self-close mechanism is used to prevent doors or drawers from slamming shut. It may be a hinge or a drawer slide.

A self-close mechanism is a type of hardware that softens the impact of a cabinet door or drawer as it closes. It can also help to prevent fingers from being slammed by the door or drawer. A self-close hinge is designed to slow the speed at which the cabinet door closes. While it looks and acts like a traditional hinge, the self-close mechanism has a spring inside that controls the hinge’s movement. In a drawer, the self-close mechanism reacts to the amount of pressure applied to the drawer front. It then stops approximately one inch from the frame before it slowly slides closed. Self-close mechanisms are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, such as copper, brass, iron and silver. This allows matching hardware to be used throughout a room.

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