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What is a Modular Cabinet?

Modular CabinetA modular cabinet is a premade unit that can stand alone for a specific purpose, such as a bathroom lavatory or a curio cabinet. Modular cabinets may also be referred to as semi-custom cabinets.

Modular cabinets are storage units that are not attached to other cabinets. Modular cabinets are a common method for providing storage and display areas in homes, garages, bathrooms and kitchens. These prebuilt cabinets are made from quality materials including steel, solid wood or medium density fiberboard, and they cost less than custom cabinets. Modular cabinets provide versatility because they can be placed anywhere in a room. They can be mounted to the ceiling, placed on the floor or stacked on counters. Modular cabinets are available in several sizes and finishes, which allows homeowners to choose storage units that will perfectly fit their decorative and functional needs. Some consumers have used modular cabinets to organize their pantries, while others have created additional workspace in their kitchens by installing the units.

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