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What is a Shim?

ShimA shim is a piece of wood shaped in the shape of a wedge. It is often used to properly space materials or to provide support.

A shim is a wedge-shaped piece of wood that is used to level cabinets or to provide support for construction projects. Shims are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Many cabinet makers and woodworkers cut their own shims using scrap lumber. While many shims are made of cedar, some construction workers prefer to use shims that have been made of plastic or other materials that won’t splinter or split. Most wooden shims can be cut down to the desired size, while some manufactured shims allow the user to peel away small layers until the proper dimensions are reached. Many woodworkers, carpenters and cabinet makers use shims to level cabinets or furniture. A shim can also be used to shift a door to make it straight as it is being hung.

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