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What is a Trash Pull-Out Cabinet?

Trash Pull-Out CabinetA trash pull-out cabinet is a small cabinet unit that stores a removable trash can. This hides unsightly garbage while allowing the can to be easily removed for cleaning.

A trash pull-out cabinet is a small storage area that conceals a trash can. The can slides out for easy access before it is then hidden behind a door. Some units are designed to fit beneath kitchen sinks, which are notorious for their wasted space. Other trash pull-out cabinets are located in pantries or inside other cabinet units, and some are mounted directly to the counter-top. Trash pull-out cabinets may also stand alone, which allows them to be placed along a wall or next to a door. There are several sizes and designs of trash pull-out cabinets available. Some feature multiple bins for sorting recycling, while others may feature cans that tip rather than roll. Many colors and finishes are available to suit the variety of kitchen styles.

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