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What is an Undercoat?

UndercoatAn undercoat is a coat of paint that is applied before the final layer of paint. It may also be referred to as the primer coat.

An undercoat is a layer of paint that is used to prepare a surface before the topcoat is applied. Many professional painters prefer to use a separate primer that prepares the surface for the paint. They then apply the undercoat, which may have a neutral tone. Once the undercoat has dried, the painter applies the topcoat. The undercoat evens out the surface for a smooth application of the topcoat, and it also gives the topcoat a richer, more vibrant appearance. Undercoats are used on metal and wood substrates. The undercoat provides another layer of protection so that no moisture can reach the substrate, which prevents future problems, such as rust, mold and rot. The undercoat can also act as a barrier against damage such as dents, knocks and scratches.

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