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What is the Worm Hole Effect?

the Worm Hole EffectThe worm hole effect defined here is not in reference to the theoretical tunnels in space, but rather to the appearance of small holes in a piece of wood that are produced by worms. There are worms that feed on wood. The idea of the woodworm is a little misleading as it is actually the lava of a wood eating beetle. The presence of worm holes in wood is an effective way to create the illusion of age. When a tree dies, fungi begins to grow inside of it, which is what the woodworms are eating.

Woodworms do not actually attach living trees contrary to popular belief. Their existence is symbiotic to the slow and natural deterioration of a tree. Recently, the appearance of worm holes in wood used for cabinetry and furniture construction has become so popular that some producers have actually just made them using a drill. The holes cut by a wood eating beetle are identical to those cut by a drill bit, so it is very difficult to tell the difference, and especially so if the hole has been painted. Instead, the overall integrity of the wood should be considered to determine whether the worm holes are real or are for aesthetic appeal. Also consider the fact that the worms only occupy dead trees, and thus the wood is more likely rotten.

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