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5 Ways to Creatively Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets


Ok, so you got your new kitchen cabinets and you still feel like something is missing.  Well, there is!  You need to decorate those new cabinets!  Most cabinets
have a space between the cabinet and the ceiling.  Here are 5 creative ideas to fill that empty space.

#1 Go Green

Get some ivy and let it hang over the side.  This gives a real natural feel and adds nice color to your new kitchen

#2 Add Words

There are plenty of decorations that are shaped as little words or sayings.  Find one that you like and put it up, it can really give your kitchen a personal touch.

#3 Baskets

Placing a bunch of baskets at the top of the cabinets is a really nice addition.  Either make some yourself with whatever decorations you like, or just buy a bunch of old baskets and place them in different ways on top of the cabinets.  This can be done with many different objects, baskets just happen to be my favorite.

#4 Plates

Decorative plates are a great way to add style and color to your new kitchen.  Hand painted plates are an Italian staple and a real classy touch.

#5 Recycling can be fun

Have a bunch of empty glass bottles?  Use pretty wine bottles to decorate the open area.  Unique looking olive oil bottles also make great decorations.

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