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What is Antiquity Glass?

Antiquity GlassAntiquity glass is a decorative option commonly used in the construction of doors, armoires, kitchen cabinets and windows. What makes antiquity glass unique is that it mimics the texture and imperfection of the first flat glass sheets made in the 18th century. Prior to the invention of a process for creating flat sheets of glass, all glass was blown and therefore round. When pressed flat glass was first created, it contained numerous imperfections called seeds. Today, home décor products replicate this style from antiquity to give the glass an aged feel without sacrificing modern durability.

The imperfections within antiquity glass usually resemble small tear drop shapes caused by tiny air bubbles. Many manufacturers can masterfully control the introduction of the flaws and imperfections to create that aged look. Beyond its appearance, antiquity glass is popularly incorporated into cabinetry as a front panel substitute because of its practicality. The glass is clear tempered, which gives it strength for daily use without detracting from its clarity. Antiquity glass can also be used in the restoration of stained glass windows as a substitute for broken or lost pieces because its imperfections can be made to match the existing aesthetic of the remaining original pieces.

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