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What is a Sash?

SashA sash is a moveable piece of glass that is used in a window or door. Several sashes are typically joined together to make a frame of glass panels.

A sash is a type of window that uses moveable pieces of glass that are separated by thin metal strips known as muntins. Sashes were frequently used in Victorian and Georgian architecture. The window design allows the homeowner to slide the top sash down while raising the bottom sash. This is useful during warm weather because the warm air can escape through the top opening while cooler air enters in the lower part of the window. Sash windows are not as common as casement windows due to the high number of problems that can occur. Sash windows often rattle in windy weather, and they may suffer from rot or distortion. A sash can also be used in cabinetry to create unique cabinet doors.

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