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What is Beadboard Paneling?

Beadboard PanelingBeadboard paneling is used in interior design instead of paint or wallpaper. The wood panels, which are usually placed on the lower half of the wall, are often for decorative purposes and give the room a cottage or country atmosphere. Beadboard paneling may also be referred to as “wainscoting.”

Beadboard paneling is an attractive way to add warmth to a room. The wood panels can remain their natural color, or they may be painted or stained to match the surrounding décor. Beadboard paneling is frequently used to cover the lower portion of a wall, but it may extend all the way up to the ceiling. The panels may also be used to make several types of furniture. Beadboard paneling is available in many stains, including oak, walnut and pine. While it is frequently used to create a rustic atmosphere in a room, it can also add a touch of elegance and simplicity. Manufactured beadboard panels have a tongue and groove design that can be installed easily.

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