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What is a Chop Saw?

Chop SawA chop saw is a power tool that used to make straight cuts in wood. It may have features that allow it to cut angles, which makes it a miter saw.

A chop saw is similar in appearance to a circular saw. Most woodworkers or cabinetmakers use chop saws to make precise square cuts as they are working. There are some types of chop saws that can also be used to make bevel or angled cuts. When such features are available, the saws are typically called miter saws. There are several advantages to using a chop saw, and its precise cuts are at the top of the list. It is also faster to use than a circular saw, which means that many cabinetmakers rely solely on their chop saws rather than purchasing an additional circular saw. The size of the blade allows carpenters to cut several thicknesses of wood. Special blades will also allow the chop saw to cut metal.

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