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What is a Fretsaw?

FretsawA fretsaw is a woodworking tool that allows carpenters to make intricate cuts. Most people use the term fretsaw to refer to a type of handsaw, although some regions also use the term for a scroll saw.

A fretsaw is a handsaw that carpenters use for very fine, intricate cuts. While a coping saw can create similar results, a fretsaw is better when creating smaller curves. It has a very deep frame that it gives it an odd appearance, but its blade is shallow when compared to those of other saws. A fretsaw table may assist woodworkers in using the tool correctly without damaging the wood. This type of table allows carpenters to clamp the wood to the table in an area that accommodates the unusual shape of the fretsaw. Carpenters may also prefer to use an electric fretsaw, which is frequently referred to as a scroll saw. The blades on the two saws are the same, and they perform similar duties.

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