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What is a Drain Board?

Drain BoardA drain board is a mat that is placed next to the kitchen sink. It holds dishes as they dry and allows water to drain into the sink.

A drain board is a kitchen accessory that is used to dry dishes. It is specially designed so that the water that drips from dishes will run into the sink. The edge of the drain board rests over the lip of the sink, and the base of the board is slanted to encourage water to move toward the drain. This prevents water from pooling in the board, which may cause bacteria to accumulate. Drain boards can be made from a variety of materials. Some have a rubberized or cushioned base so that the boards do not mar or scratch the counter-top. Other drain boards may be made of special materials that will discourage the growth of bacteria while fighting stains and odors. A drain board may also be referred to as a drainer.

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