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What is a Drawer Runner?

Drawer RunnerDrawer runners are small devices that are used to facilitate fluid motion during opening and closing. Originally, cabinetry drawers were not supported by any type of runner and it created problems because of wood’s tendency to experience high amounts of friction when sliding on other wood surfaces. The addition of a runner requires that the fitting area of a drawer be expanded, but it also ensures smooth motion. The simplest drawer runners will incorporate a small set of wheels that are attached to the external sides of the drawer. Within the base cabinet frame where the drawer is set, a small guiding track will be installed to accept the wheels of the drawer.

To increase control over the drawer’s movement, an obstruction is molded into the guide track’s path. This obstruction acts as a stopper to the drawer by inhibiting the small wheels of the runner system from completely exiting the end of the track. To remove drawers, most guide tracks are designed so that one may pull the drawer to the end and then lift the drawer to a 30 degree angle so that it can pass over the stopper and be removed.

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