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What is a Pull-Out Shelf?

Pull-Out ShelfPull-out shelves is a term associated with a style of cabinetry that allows each shelf to be independently extended from the cabinet for easier surveying and retrieval like a drawer. First, it should be noted that pull-out shelf is only one of several acceptable terms that are interchangeably used such as: slide out shelves, slide out drawers, roll out drawers, kitchen pullouts and sliding cabinet drawers. Basically, there is not a definitive term because each varies slightly as do the shelves they describe.

There are plenty of personalizing and preferential choices that can be made when choosing pull-out shelves. Though simple wood slides can be used, modern cabinetry typically will incorporate rails like those used for drawers. Because the shelf is designed to move, there will usually be a lip or edge around the perimeter of the shelf to keep things from sliding off. Upgrading to this style of shelving is a great way to increase convenience but it does reduce the support strength for a given shelf. If one is planning to place heavy items such as canned foods or jars, it is important to use an appropriately thick piece of wood for the shelving platform in addition to a strong sliding system.

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