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What is a Pull?

PullsPulls are small fixtures attached to drawers’ front faces to allow them to be pulled open. Their defining characteristic is that they attach at a single point as opposed to handles which are attached at two or more spots. These are small details that have tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic of any kitchen cabinetry design. Simply by changing the pulls on any kitchen cabinetry run, an instant transformation can occur.

This is a detail that is easily installed and exchanged by anybody since it usually only requires the use of a screwdriver to do so. Hardware stores offer a large selection of pulls in a variety of styles. It is also possible to seek out antique pulls made of glass or hand-painted porcelain to really personalize a cabinetry run. To make installation simple, cabinet drawers and doors are often made with a precut hole to help assist with consistent placement. Pulls typically have a single screw that must be pushed through from the inside of a drawer to allow the pull to be screwed on for secure anchoring.

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