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What is Lipped?

LippedLipped is a term applied to kitchen cabinet doors. It refers to a styling similar to inset doors in which part of the door sits flush into the frame. The difference between these two styles is that lipped cabinet doors retain an overlay on the frame face. Therefore, the door fits more securely into the framing of the cabinet.

A knob or pull is necessary to open a lipped cabinet door because of how securely it is matched to the cabinet frame. To create a lipped cabinet door, cabinetmakers must notch the backside of the cabinet door to the exact dimensions of the cabinet frame. This is a very precise form of cabinetry that requires accurate measurements and perfect hinge movement to prevent problems associated with the tightly fitting inset portion of the doors. This is not a typical form of cabinet door offered because of the extensive labor required to properly install it. Choosing lipped cabinet doors will typically be the result of needing a more secure closure on the cabinets.

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