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What is an Ogee Edge?

Ogee EdgeAn ogee edge is a design where the edge of a countertop has a concave arch that flows into a convex arch. Ogee edges are frequently seen in traditional kitchen designs.

An ogee edge is an edge of a countertop that has a flowing design of arches. Ogee edges are not synonymous bullnose edges, which are simply rounded. Ogee edges are frequently used when building countertops and can be cut into granite, marble and concrete. They are more expensive than other edges, but they create a unique and appealing effect in many kitchen designs. An ogee edge may also appear on woodwork or molding, and it is cut using a router. The finished sanded edge will remain free of splinters and sharp corners, which can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. The tiered appearance of an ogee edge brings character to the piece of furniture or molding. Ogee edges are occasionally used on glass pieces, such as mirrors or tables. An ogee edge may be combined with another edge design to create an extremely unique feature in countertops or furniture.

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