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What is a Bevel?

BevelA bevel is an edge that has an angle that is less than 90 degrees. Beveled edges are often found on furniture, baseboards, cabinets and mirrors. They are used decoratively, but they also prevent injuries that may occur from having sharp, perpendicular angles.

A bevel is created when two pieces are joined together at an angle. A bevel may also be a slant or a slope that is cut into a single piece of wood. A beveled edge is often used to smooth angles on materials where a sharp edge might be dangerous, such as counters, cabinets and tabletops. A bevel may appear on baseboards, molding and trim for decorative appeal. A bevel rule or sliding bevel is used to make sure the angle is cut correctly. These tools may also be called a bevel because of their purpose. A bevel cut can also be made by slanting a knife or blade at the desired angle while cutting the wood.

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