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What is Trim Tile?

Trim TileTrim tile is placed along the edges of a project. It is designed to create a completed and polished appearance.

Trim tile refers to the tiles that are placed along the edge of a project or design. They can appear in several areas of the house, including in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Trim tiles are often used to complete a tiled design, such as a backsplash or a counter-top. They are also used to finish the area surrounding bathtubs, showers and tile hearths. Trim tiles are very important when tile is mixed with another surface or with a different size of tile. They may be curved on one side in order to minimize any sharp edges on angles and corners. There are many styles and colors of trim tile available, including bullnose, quarter round and chair rail. Many tile manufacturers provide matching trim tile for each porcelain or ceramic tile in their inventory in order to make it easy for homeowners to complete their tile projects. The tiles used to trim an area may also be different from the main tile in order to create an appealing contrast. They are sold in solid colors, patterns and a variety of textures.

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