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What is a One-Wall Kitchen?

One-Wall KitchenA one-wall kitchen is a kitchen that is all built into one linear wall. These types of kitchens are found typically in small homes and efficiency apartments to conserve floor space and construction costs.

A one-wall kitchen has all appliances, cabinets and countertops on one wall. This allows the owner to perform all tasks in a single workspace. Due to its limited space, a one-wall kitchen will often contain a compact refrigerator and range. These two appliances are frequently separated by a sink. Modern one-wall kitchens may feature an island that is located across from the wall, which allows the resident to have more workspace. Other consumers rely on their kitchen tables to provide additional surfaces on which to prepare food. While a one-wall kitchen is limited in its options, it does have its benefits. A one-wall kitchen allows the resident to prepare, cook and clean-up in a single space, which is very convenient. The layout has also become popular for homeowners who have plenty of space but want the kitchen to remain open.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen and you’re considering a one wall kitchen, read through our guide on tips and inspiration for designing a one wall kitchen layout.

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