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What is a Peninsula?

PeninsulaThe term peninsula refers to an extended counter area that is popular in the G-shaped kitchen floor plan. A kitchen island is a great addition, but most kitchens lack the room to sensibly fit one of a usable size in the center of the available workspace. This is why the peninsula is as popular as it is practical. A kitchen peninsula is comparable in size and shape to a standard kitchen island, but the primary difference is that it is butted up against the end of a cabinet run or against a wall. This is how the G-shaped or J-shaped floor plan is achieved.

The peninsula is a highly valuable addition to any kitchen because it gives the opportunity for increased base cabinet storage space and countertop space. The additional space can be used as an enhancement to the kitchen’s primary cooking triangle by making it a storage area for pots and pans and the counter for preparation. However, the peninsula can also be utilized as a secondary cooking area with the installation of a auxiliary cooking top. A peninsula is also a great room divider that visually opens a space by replacing the need for a full length wall.

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