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What is a Reverse Bevel?

Reverse BevelA reverse bevel refers to cabinet doors that do not require knobs or pulls to be opened. The angle of the cut allows homeowners to open the cabinet by pulling on the top of the door.

A reverse bevel creates an instant finger hold in cabinet doors and drawers so that the units do not require knobs or handles. A bevel refers to any angle that is not square, meaning that two edges are not perpendicular to each other at ninety degrees. This type of cabinet door can create a flat front or a more finished appearance. Reverse bevels can be used in trim work as well in order to create invisible angles that are hidden behind the face of the cabinet. Reverse beveled edges on cabinet doors do require different hinges if they are used on that edge of the door. The hinge will have to match the angle of the bevel in order to provide the correct look and function.

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