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What is Casing?

CasingCasing is the trim around windows and doors. It is often simple and plain, but it can also be ornate.

Casing is the wood that surrounds windows and doors. It is used mainly for decorative purposes, but it also helps to conceal the gap between the door jamb and the opening. Casing helps to keep the doors and windows square so that it looks attractive. Casings are available in several designs. Simple designs include clamshell or square-edge casing. It can also be more decorate, such as colonial or Victorian casing. Pre-hung doors are frequently available with casing on one side, and you are only required to add trim to the opposite side. If you are replacing doors, you will need to remove the previous casings and install new ones. The steps for installing casing are similar for both doors and windows. Right angles are essential, as are correct measurements.

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