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Whether you're having your kitchen professionally designed or are jumping into the renovation on your own, two-toned kitchen cabinets could add some visual interest to your cooking space. Among the many color combinations within this trend, the final goal is to create a cohesive and inviting space with the perfect amount of contrast.

A common application of this style consists of installing dark cabinets on the bottom, while using brighter cabinets above the kitchen counter. This grounds the darker tones while the lighter tones give an illusion of a larger kitchen space.

There are a wide range of ways you can apply this trend to your kitchen. We've pulled together 40 two-toned kitchen cabinets to give you an idea of combinations that will work best in your home. Once you decide on a style, select two finishes from our ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets to easily recreate your dream kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Sleek Shine

Dark gray lower cabinets with a speckled black countertop keep this kitchen sleek and sophisticated. To brighten the space, try a textured white tile backsplash with a glossy finish.

Photo by: Kylie M. Interiors

gray and white two tone cabinets

Rustic Matte

To add depth to a more confined space, try matte black cabinets mixed with a contrasting light wood countertop on bottom and porcelain white on the top. This modern rustic look makes the best use of space while still having a unique style.

Photo by: Mountain Modern Life

Tiny house two tone cabinets

Natural Flow

Using earthy tones is an excellent way to add a natural flow to your kitchen space. Adcock-Smith Design uses multiple colors that blend together well, while still creating a dynamic look.

Photo by: Adcock-Smith Design

Taupe and white two tone cabinets

Illuminating Space

To prevent the room from getting too dark when using a deep color such as this gray, select lighting that is illuminating both in function and design. Use a table with shelves to serve as an island to create more counter space.

Photo by: A Cottage Girl

Black and white two tone cabinets

Bold Blue

A fresh take on two-tone cabinets, this navy blue is bold in design. Natural light collides with the white upper cabinets, backsplash and counters, keeping the space bright.

Photo by: Barry Calhoun for Kelly Deck Design

Navy blue and white cabinets with tile backsplash

A Glimpse Of Gold

Get your color pallet from another feature of the room. These black, white and gold appliances mimic the colors in the floor tile, creating harmony in the space.

Photo by: Studio McGee

White and black kitchen cabinets with patterned tiles

Cute Camper Kitchen

If you are working with a small space, try installing white cabinets above a window like this camper does. It will let in natural light and make the kitchen feel taller and more spacious.

Photo by: The DIY Mommy

Camper two tone kitchen cabinets

Marble Makeover

Two-tone kitchen cabinets work best if other colors in the room are highlighted. If you have a marble backsplash that features gray tones, try using a gray color on the cabinets to create a concise look.

Photo by: Liz Larmore Design

Lavender and white kitchen cabinets with marble backsplash

Black, White and Bright

An innovative take on the two-tone trend is reversing the colors so that the darker tone is on the top cabinets. This is best executed if the top cabinets are sparse and the kitchen allows light to enter in between.

Photo by: The Plumbette

Black and white two tone cabinets with tile backsplash

Striped Style

To create a modern and minimalistic look, block colors with crisp clean contrasting lines. This can be accentuated by accessories such as curtains or dish towels.

Photo by: The Ugly Duckling House

Gray and white cabinets with tile background

A Subtle Soft Gray

If your backsplash features dark tiles, think about keeping the cabinet colors lighter. The light ash gray bottom cabinets here highlight a dark background without being overpowering.

Photo by: Crafty Little Gnome

gray and white with aluminum backsplash

Highlighting Hardwood

This concept by Elizabeth Lawson Design exemplifies beautiful hardwood flooring that's brought to the foreground of this kitchen due to the complementary accessories. Take advantage of your freedom to choose lighting, hardware and seating to create a space that is sure to impress your guests.

Photo by: Elizabeth Lawson Design

Gray cabinets with white marble countertop

Naturally Noticeable

An easy way to highlight dark wood is contrasting it with white. The island and side cabinets in this kitchen are grounded with a dark color while the rest of the room feels open and spacious.

Photo by: Young & Young Architects

White and brown two tone kitchen cabinets

Frosting On Top

Amy McFadden Interior Design creates a modern take on two-tone kitchen cabinets by combining a light wood on bottom with sleek white cabinets on top. To create even more depth, use a frosted glass on the cabinet doors.

Photo by: Amy McFadden Interior Design

Taupe and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Floor To Ceiling Light

If you've invested in skylights, make sure none of the natural light is being blocked. Keep the top three-quarters of the kitchen white and bright.

Photo by: Design Harmony

Black and white two tone kitchen cabinets with marble countertop

Playing With Patterns

If you want harmony within your kitchen use a backsplash color or pattern as your baseline. Match the two colors of cabinets against this background so it will seamlessly tie together.

Photo by: Design First Interiors

Wood and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Mixing Woods

To highlight the natural feel of your space, mix woods throughout the kitchen. Keep the counters, walls and upper kitchen cabinets in the white family to achieve consistency.

Photo by: Rodwin Architecture

Wood and white two tone kitchen cabinets with modern lighting

Spanish Inspiration

For a rustic spanish style look, mix a variety of colors and patterns throughout the kitchen. Don't be afraid to play with placement—no one said the ceiling is off limits!

Photo by: Design House, Inc.

Teal and wood cabinets with colorful tile backsplash

Create A Focus

An elegant way to incorporate the two-tone kitchen cabinet trend is by painting your island a different color. This will create a focal point and will naturally draw your guests to congregate in the center of the room.

Photo by: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Gray and white two tone kitchen cabinets with marble floor

Distressed Paint Look

When done right, a naturally distressed paint job can create an appealing texture. The light color in this island is accentuated with a dark tone that matches the dark wood wall cabinets. Fun lights hanging above the island will bring all eyes to the center of the kitchen.

Photo by: Cure Design Group

Black and blue two town kitchen cabinets with modern light fixtures

Dark Grout Approach

The trick to two-tone kitchen cabinets is generating a natural flow of the colors. If you are using a dark color on bottom, try utilizing a similarly dark grout in the backsplash making the tiles pop.

Photo by: Foster Hill Design

Gray and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Yellow-Green With Envy

Try using a shade of green that has yellow hints in it for the bottom cabinets. This kitchen by Stephanie Kraus Designs combines golden hardware with a green-yellow color to create a warm and inviting feeling.

Photo by: Stephanie Kraus Designs

Green and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Creamy Cottage Feel

To create dimension, try a bold dark color on bottom and a cream hue on top. This two-toned look mixed with marble counters and a farmhouse sink say sophisticated cottage like no other.

Photo by: M. E. Beck Design, Inc.

Black and off white two tone kitchen cabinets with tile backsplash

Nautical Island

A fun twist on the two-tone style is this deep sea blue island. If you want to add color while maintaining a white minimalistic vibe, apply color to only the island while keeping the counters white.

Photo by: Alice Lane Home Collection

Royal blue and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Modern Nook

If you aren't ready to commit to the two-tone look, start by combining various colors throughout the kitchen. This white cabinet nook by Kelle Contine Interior Design, LLC stands out from the wall of wood, creating a bright focal point in the room.

Photo by: Kelle Contine Interior Design, LLC

Stone and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Elegant Approach

Looking to style your kitchen in a manner that exudes elegance? Highlight prominent features such as chandeliers by placing them above a white island. As Lauren Haskett Fine Design shows, the bright island will serve as a spotlight.

Photo by: Lauren Haskett Fine Design

Gray and white two tone kitchen cabinets with chandelier

Growing Your Style

Play up the natural feel in your kitchen by using dark wood and indoor plants as demonstrated by Shift Interiors. The white top cabinets will attract light, keeping your vegetation healthy.

Photo by: Shift Interiors

Gray and white two tone kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances

Crisp Colors

Use cool tones to give your kitchen a clean look. A muted gray island and unique lighting will give the room a crisp and modern feel.

Photo by: L'oro Designs

White kitchen cabinets with a gray island

Incorporating Texture

If you like the look of dark cabinets but want to keep the room light, try installing white cabinets above with a white patterned background. As shown by Rebecca Hay Designs, the pattern will add texture while still inviting natural light in.

Photo by: Rebecca Hay Design

Blue and white two tone kitchen cabinets with textured background

Warm Woods

Warm woods contrast with creme cabinets to create an inviting space. Try using a backsplash that has a glossy finish to it so it will reflect the kitchen, making the room feel twice as large.

Wood and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Entertaining With Olives

Olive tones give your kitchen a european feel. To make the island stand out even more, use a different counter material than the rest of the kitchen.

Olive green and white cabinets with green tile backsplash

Bright and Bold

To evoke an energetic vibe, use bright colors. Contrasting the bottom fire engine red with white cabinets on top creates a balance.

Red and white two tone kitchen cabinets with tile backsplash

Artistic Approach

Use an artistic eye and piece together blocks of alternating color cabinets to create a visual stimulation. This kitchen uses black, white and brown to achieve a modern look.

Black, white and brown kitchen cabinets

Contrasting Colors

Anchor an airy kitchen by painting the island a darker color than the rest of the space. Use patterns on the sides of the island and on the cabinet doors to create texture.

Dark gray and white two tone kitchen cabinets

Geometric Touch

Generate a conversation between the sides of the room by placing different types of cabinets on either side. For a more dynamic look, use geometric lighting.

Gray and white kitchen cabinets with geometric light fixtures

Highlighting Important Features

Before remodeling your kitchen, take into consideration what you value the most and would like to highlight. This huge window above the sink is given room to breathe because it's surrounded by light white cabinets that don't overpower it.

White and dark gray two tone kitchen cabinets

Cream Color Relief

Make neutrals pop by using dark painted cabinets to break up long banks of white toned cabinets. The dark gray adds contrast while still keeping the room feeling open and fresh.

White kitchen cabinets with a gray island and stainless steal appliances

Hints of Gold

For those individuals who enjoy color, but prefer it on the subtle side, try using white cabinets and neutral tones of color for the wall paint color. The vivid golden wall color complements the warm wood flooring of this kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets with a wood island

Warmer Tones

A large open kitchen with a lot of natural light might need some variation in color to make it visually appealing. Play around with warm tones of natural wood that will still be perceived as vivid and bright.

White and light wood two tone kitchen cabinets

Boldly Black

For a bold and modern take on the two-tone cabinets try a matte black on top contrasted with a light wood on bottom. This innovative combination is a guaranteed show stopper.

Modern black and light wood two tone kitchen cabinets

Before you make a final decision on what colors and finishes to choose for your two-tone kitchen cabinets, consider what type of mood you're trying to emit. Black, navy or cherry wood cabinets are ideal for larger kitchens and will create a warm, inviting space. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, two-tone cabinets with a lighter tone such as white, oak or pastel colors will help open up the space creating an illusion that it's larger.

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