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65+ Best Kitchen Island Ideas for 2019

Kitchen islands are becoming an essential part of every kitchen remodel. Providing storage, work surfaces, seating and appliances, kitchen islands are the workhorses of your culinary space.

There are many options to consider when deciding on the right kitchen island for you. Your kitchen's styling, space and needs should all be considered. To help prioritize what's most important to you, read through our guide to kitchen island ideas. You may be most interested in being able to openly entertain your friends and family or give yourself some much needed counter space, so find the concept that works best for you.

No matter your preferences, you are bound to find a layout with an island that suits your kitchen. Once you've selected a kitchen island style, pair it with the perfect cabinet style from our RTA kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Read through our kitchen island ideas below to see this year's top trends. From modern contemporary to traditional chic, we cover the top trending island styles for every kitchen design.

Painted Kitchen Islands

Kitchens are a great place for neutral colors like white, grey and black. If the main components of your kitchen are neutral colors, introducing two tone cabinets, or an accent color on your kitchen island will help liven up the space. Painting your kitchen island a unique color adds appeal and character to your kitchen without transforming the personality of the entire space. If your kitchen doesn't have great natural lighting, try painting your island a lighter shade to keep the area bright. Alternatively, if your kitchen does have good natural lighting, consider painting your island a darker, rich color.

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Islands

One of the most popular kitchen trends this year is the modern farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse kitchen islands provide a sophisticated yet rustic look to any kitchen. This style of kitchen islands are warm, inviting and most importantly, practical. They provide ample seating for family and guests and plenty of storage for dishes, pots, pans and other cooking materials. Since modern farmhouse islands tend to be on the larger side, they require open kitchens for appropriate spacing.

More modern farmhouse island ideas:

Minimalist Kitchen Islands

A minimalist kitchen island offers a sleek and contemporary design component to your kitchen. Minimalist islands help your kitchen area look less busy and cluttered by offering storage space, seating and typically an appliance or sink integrated into the island. These functional elements paired with neutral tones and simple lines help create a calming atmosphere in your kitchen. The drawback to minimalist kitchen islands is that they don't pair well with other designs. Unless you're considering a basic design throughout your kitchen, this island style might not be for you.

Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

Introducing a butcher block countertop to your kitchen saves the rest of your countertops from damage by giving you a separate workspace to chop fruits and vegetables and prepare meats while cooking. Wood and butcher block countertops are becoming increasingly popular for their relatively low cost, ease of maintenance and warm feel. Butcher block islands pair nicely with a variety of kitchen countertops such as granite, marble and quartz, so you can truly personalize your counter space to fit your style.

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Kitchen Islands with Cooktops

An island with a cooktop has many benefits. It allows you to be more social when cooking and entertain guests by freeing you from facing the wall as is the case with most cooktops. Having a cooktop island also gives you greater flexibility with the placement of other appliances around your kitchen. For ventilation purposes, you can choose between a range cooktop or downdraft cooktop depending on your preference of an updraft or downdraft system.

Rolling Cart Kitchen Islands

If you have a more compact kitchen area and you need a versatile kitchen island, then a rolling island could be a perfect fit. Create a space along the wall or even in the pantry to store the island if you need more room for guests and roll it out and lock it into place when you need it. You can get creative by moving it in the middle of your kitchen or at the end of your countertop if you want to extend your counter space along the wall. Use it to store basic cooking items such as pots, pans and utensils to save cabinet and drawer room.

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Furniture Style Kitchen Islands

A furniture style kitchen island provides a relaxed yet chic look to your kitchen. Furniture style islands can be great for antique-lovers or DIYers looking to repurpose an old table, dresser, or bookshelf. These kitchen islands can be big or small and may have open or closed storage, depending on your preference. By repurposing an old piece of furniture, you add a unique character and charm to your kitchen that creates a warm, inviting space.

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Breakfast Bar Kitchen Islands

A breakfast bar island establishes an extra seating area for your family and guests to use when you need extra room, or want to make the meal more casual. It's perfect for those who have busy mornings and want to serve a quick breakfast without setting the dining table. Breakfast bar islands can also suit those who are social chefs who want to chat while cooking. Overall, this type of kitchen island is best for casual, everyday use.

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Colorful Kitchen Islands

If you have an affinity for distinct designs that draw the eye, consider introducing a bold color to your kitchen. Since kitchen islands are the centerpiece of kitchens, they create the perfect opportunity to add a creative and personal touch to your culinary space. Consider adding minor touches like changing the handles on your island drawers and cabinets or paint the island your favorite eye-catching color. Another design option is to integrate a unique use of materials like shiplap, tiling, or a bold countertop.

More statement kitchen island ideas:

Once you're familiar with the different kitchen islands you can add to your kitchen layout, customize the perfect one for your space. Determine what your family needs in a kitchen island before making the purchase, whether it be for functionality, design or both. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out our other kitchen ideas, which range from molding designs to organization tips.

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