Stepping into a Victorian kitchen is like taking a time machine back to the turn of the century. You'll see elaborate trim and ornate molding with dark stone backsplashes and countertops fit for a king or queen. You probably associate Victorian architecture with whimsy, color and charm, but Victorian kitchens were traditionally as utilitarian as they were decorative. Still, it's never a bad idea to pepper in some colorful accents to bring the exterior of your Victorian indoors. The one and only rule of Victorian design is to incorporate as much ornamentation as possible.

Despite its focus on the ornate, one of the hallmarks of a true Victorian kitchen is its utility. Victorian homes in their era tended to have all their pots and pans on display — hanging from racks or stacked on cabinets — and featured glass door cabinets to show off the homeowner's most valuable china and glassware. The simplest way you can incorporate Victorian design into your kitchen is to choose a cabinet style that offers glass doors. Many of our kitchen cabinet styles will come with the option for glass doors or no doors on some pieces, so you can use your favorite plates and pots as part of your kitchen decor.

A Victorian kitchen can be achieved with a broad range of finishes. Start with a blank slate with white or off-white kitchen cabinets, like our Pearl or Coastal Cream cabinets, if you prefer an open and airy feel. If you're designing in a traditional Victorian home where rooms are small and separate, a lighter color palette is a great way to open the room up and to encourage a more welcoming environment that flows into the living room or dining room. Dark wood finished cabinets, like our Brownstone or Gramercy Midnight cabinets, are also excellent for Victorian design because they bring in a classic, traditional feel.