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4 Things to Consider When Deciding Between One Sink or Two


During a bathroom remodel, you’re likely to spend hours and hours selecting the tile, replacing the flooring, ordering the toilet, picking out the bathtub, and painting the walls. After all that work, many homeowners are tempted to pick up the first vanity they find at their local home improvement store. However, that would be a wasted opportunity. After all, a properly selected vanity can really make or break a bathroom remodel. During your next project, make sure that you consider the following to ensure that the vanity you choose fits all your needs.

1. Size

Huge Bathroom Vanity
It’s just a simple fact that your vanity needs to quite literally fit your space. Before tearing out your old vanity, be sure to measure how large it is. Additionally, take note of the distance between the vanity, the toilet, all surrounding walls, and the bathtub. These measurements will help make sure that your new vanity doesn’t crowd the space. Once you have a new vanity selected, use painters tape to mark exactly where it will go. That way, you’ll have a better understanding if the vanity will be too large or small.

2. Use

Gray Bathroom Vanity With Under Sink Towel Storage
Take a week and track exactly how your bathroom vanity is used. Do multiple people need a sink at the same time? Do you need extra room to spread out beauty products all over the counter? Do you find that you’re always competing with someone else for mirror space? Are children going to frequently be using it? By answering these questions, you can determine what material type should be used, how durable the cabinets need to be, what kind of storage will work best, and if you need more than one sink. However, remember that two sinks will take quite a bit of space. After all, experts generally recommend that you have 6 feet of space for a vanity if you’re going to put in two sinks.

3. Storage

White Pedestal Sink
Far too often, a homeowner will fall in love with a pedestal sink but fail to take into account his/her need for bathroom storage. Sure, you can ditch a traditional vanity and go for something more romantic, but you’ll still need a place to store towels, cosmetics, and toilet paper.

4. Resale

Home for Sale
There comes a point that you need to think about what others will want as well. After all, you’re going to eventually sell the house, and you want to make sure that potential homebuyers will find the bathroom attractive. If you do fall in love with something wild and crazy, please consider if the money spent will go back into the value of your home or not.

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Its a nice presentation to consider these important things. Definitely this 4 things need to be considered more. Thanks for this writing.


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