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Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Storage With These 7 Tips


Let’s face it, odds are your kitchen has a lot of awkward cooking tools, appliances, and gadgets to store neatly away until their use is required. As a result, your kitchen cabinets are likely a jumbled mess where it feels impossible to find the thing you need. Rather than dealing with the chaos, use the tips below to tame the clutter and make the most of your kitchen storage space.

1. Drawer Organizers Aren’t Just For Silverware

Custom Drawer Organizer
Think beyond spoons, forks, and knives when using drawer organizers in the kitchen. When you get creative, they can be used to corral spices, cooking utensils, and even dishes. Remember, while store-bought organizers can be great, custom designed ones just can’t be beat.

2. Put Your Trash Can In A Cabinet

Kitchen Trash Can Cabinet
No guest wants to see, or more importantly smell, your trash can or recycle bin. However, this is rather hard to avoid if the containers are sitting out in the middle of your kitchen floor. Instead, a pull-out cabinet can hide away the garbage, keeping your kitchen looking and smelling great.

3. Install Pull Out Shelves

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves
There’s nothing like a deep cabinet to make it hard to get to the appliance, pot, or bowl you need. However, this issue is instantly solved with pull out shelves. Just make sure that the shelf hardware is going to be up to the heavy daily use.

4. Go Without Cabinet Doors

Open Kitchen Shelves
No one says that your kitchen cabinets must have a door. In fact, open shelves are becoming a very popular trend in kitchens across the country. After all, doors hide otherwise charming dishes, make it hard for guests to find what they are looking for, and are another surface that will need to be cleaned.

5. Create A Workstation

Kitchen Workstation
Odds are that your kitchen is a multi-function room. Besides being a place to cook, your kitchen is also a place for children do their homework, your spouse to pay bills, and for you to sort the mail. Creating a space for these projects helps keep the rest of your kitchen clean and tidy.

6. Hideaway Kitchen Island

Kitchen Hideaway Island
Many people would love the extra counter space a kitchen island offers, but they just don’t have the square footage available for a permanent structure. In these cases, a hideaway kitchen island might just be the answer. You simply roll out the unit when you need the extra counter space, and roll it back once you’re done.

7. Install Corner Drawers

Kitchen Corner DrawersSkip awkward corner cabinets altogether and opt for corner drawers instead. Deeper drawers are great for large pots while shallower drawers work great for cooking utensils.

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Richard Parker
Richard Parker

I am going for makeover of my kitchen and i was looking for a page where i can find some useful info with images about new design and kitchen furniture. I really like some of the concept from your blog, like corner drawers, pull out shelves and put a trash in a cabinet. Space saving, good looking kitchen storage ideas. Thumbs up for this post.


Really great suggestions for use the most of kitchen in a proper way. Loved these ideas a lot,


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