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37 Useful Kitchen Organization Ideas for Your Home

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so keeping it clean and organized can be a big feat. To avoid piling up pots and pans or losing your favorite kitchen utensil, create an organizational system that you can stick to while removing and replacing items.

If you're considering a complete overhaul in your kitchen, contemplate how you will configure your cabinets keeping in mind the height and depth of the shelves before the cabinet installation stage. That way you can come up with an organization strategy in advance. To help you get inspired, we came up with 37 kitchen organization ideas you can follow in your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Since your top cabinets are at eye level, they're the easiest place to store everyday items. To maximize your space, implement an organization system that allows for easy access and clean up.

top cabinet organization ideas
  1. Alternate glasses: Create more space on your cabinet shelves by stacking oddly shaped glasses alternating between upward and downward facing.
  2. Stack heavier items on the bottom: Make removing and replacing dishes easier by positioning your heaviest items on the bottom shelf.
  3. Keep cookbooks in one place: Designate one space in your kitchen for all of your cookbooks.
  4. Label containers: Find everything you're looking for in a pinch by labeling clear containers and stacking them at eye level.
  5. Hang measuring spoons: Make use out of the inside of your cabinet door by applying adhesive hooks that can hold your measuring spoons.

While the cabinets above the backsplash are perfect for holding everyday items such as dishes and storage containers, your cabinets below the countertop are perfect for storing items used less frequently. Your bottom cabinets are typically deeper, so consider how you can consolidate items to create ample space.

bottom cabinet organization ideas
  1. Hang lids on hooks: Easily manage the lids of your pots and pans by hanging them on the back of your cabinet door with adhesive hooks.
  2. Repurpose a wine rack: Instead of losing track of items in the back, use a wine rack to hold your water bottles and thermoses.
  3. Use risers: Risers will help provide more space in your bottom cabinets, which is especially helpful if you have larger pots and pans.
  4. Hang cookie cutters: It's easy to lose track of your cookie cutters, so hang them all in one place by repurposing a paper towel holder.
  5. Use an organization rack: File away the plates that you use less often in your lower cabinets using adjustable dividers that you can customize to fit each item.
  6. Repurpose a magazine holder: An old magazine holder is the perfect size to adhere to the inside of your cabinet door, which can hold saran wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags and more.

Kitchen Drawers Organization Ideas

Since you're likely to grab utensils like spatulas, ladles or oven mitts on the fly, position those items closest to your oven and stove top separated by dividers. In a different drawer, use a silverware organizer to separate your forks, spoons and knives.

kitchen drawers organization ideas
  1. Hide your cords: If you have extra space in your drawers, install a power cord so you can charge your phones, tablets and more without taking up counter space.
  2. Use dividers: Dividers will help separate your items, so you can swiftly grab what you need. Designate a spot for every item to avoid misplacing anything.
  3. Separate your items: For smaller items such as bottle openers, a carrot peeler or garlic press, user smaller containers to keep conveniently in one place.

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Your countertop can easily get cluttered without making sure every item has a place. With a few simple hacks, you can display items you use on a regular basis in a uniquely organized way.

countertop organization ideas
  1. Utilize a spice rack: Make it easy on yourself while you're cooking by using a spice rack that will allow you to quickly locate the spice you're looking for.
  2. Hang up mugs: Are you an avid coffee or tea drinker? Hang up your mugs to avoid taking up counter space and create a unique design touch.
  3. Install a shelf: Whether you want a place to hold your flour and sugar, or a spot for your favorite decor, installing a shelf will offer a way to keep items off the counter.
  4. Organize your coffee station: If you brew coffee on a daily basis, create a space designated for the coffee maker and coffee beans.
  5. Magnetize cutlery: Use a magnetic strip to hold your knives and keep them out of reach from little fingers.

Refrigerator Organization Ideas

It's easy to get home from a grocery trip and pile all of your items into the refrigerator, but if you have an organization system in place, you won't have to worry about forgetting a food item.

refrigerator organization ideas
  1. Transfer beverages: Cartons can take up a lot of horizontal space. To make more room, transfer your milk or juice into tall glass bottles.
  2. Use a reusable egg carton: These will help keep your eggs in one place and consolidate cartons if you have two at one time.
  3. Use binder clips: To keep your bottles from moving around, use binder clips to keep them in place.
  4. Label foods: Avoid letting food expire in your refrigerator by labeling your leftovers and frozen food with an expiration date.

Pantry Organization Ideas

If you have big space like a pantry or closet, use all of the space to your advantage by keeping it clean and organized. Use baskets, containers, clips and more to create a designated space for all of your items.

pantry organization ideas
  1. Use door space: Install a shoe rack or adhesive bins to make use out of the inside of your cabinet door.
  2. Hang reusable shopping bags: Use hooks to hold your reusable bags in a convenient place, so you'll never forget them on the way to the store.
  3. Hang your snacks: Find yourself quickly packing lunch in the morning? Use a rack to access your snacks in a pinch.
  4. Use a lazy susan: It's easy for items to get lost in the back of the pantry, so lazy susans are a great way to use up all of the space and find everything in effortlessly.
  5. Separate items in baskets To avoid letting items fall off the shelf or get stuck in the back, use baskets to keep similar items together.
  6. Repurpose a magazine holder: An old magazine holder is the perfect way to hold cans without worrying about forgetting a few in the back.
  7. Create a chalkboard: Install a chalkboard in a convenient place to keep your grocery list, schedule and notes close by.

Organization Ideas for Below The Sink

It's typical to store cleaning supplies and less frequently used products under the sink, so it's easy to forget about that area of the kitchen. Avoid spills and unwanted clutter by creating an organizational system under your sink.

organization ideas below the sink
  1. Adhere containers to doors: Use containers on the inside of the door to hold commonly used items such as a sponge, a dish scrubber, a microfiber cloth and more.
  2. Use clear boxes: Hold items in clear containers to avoid spills and package up similar items.
  3. Install a trash bag dispenser: Make it easy on yourself and mount a trash bag holder to the wall of your cabinet to keep them in one place.
  4. Use rack to hold bottles: Hanging your bottles will help clear space on the bottom of your cabinet and allow for easy access to the cleaner you're looking for.

Organization Ideas for Extra Space

Organization systems don't always need to be hidden away. There are plenty of ways to have a place for everything that your guests can see. If you're looking for ways to logically store your items, consider installing the hooks, racks and carts like the concept below.

organization ideas in your kitchen
  1. Use a rolling cart: Store everyday items on rolling cart that you can bring over to your cooking space, or remove from the kitchen when you have guests over.
  2. Use a rack for your mail and keys: Always misplace your keys? Have a designated area to keep your mail and keys so you're not looking around when in a rush.
  3. Rack for pots: If you don't have room for your pots underneath the cabinets, hang them up for a unique look and easy access.

Once you have an organization system in place, make sure to return each item to its place after cleaning. This way you'll never have to worry about misplacing something in your kitchen again. If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, select cabinets that will align with your organizational ideas.

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