Cabinets To Go is a successful online kitchen cabinet distributor, and at first glance, this company looks like an ideal choice for your home remodeling. They have your standard cabinets at low prices, but there is so much more that you can receive from another internet front runner, Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

Cabinets To Go offers un-assembled cabinetry that come with a thirty page PDF on how to assemble them; this will tack on a decent amount of time if you are looking to put together an entire kitchen yourself. Kitchen Cabinet Kings' cabinets arrive to your door step fully assembled. A huge plus to receiving already assembled cabinets, besides the lack of manual labor, is that Kitchen Cabinet Kings' factory assembly utilizes staples, screws, and glue to ensure sturdiness. The RTA cabinets provided by Cabinets To Go feature a cam lock system; which is a less durable assembly method.

When you are designing your own kitchen, you want to see a variety in the inventory. As we know, not one kitchen is exactly the same. Many of Cabinets To Go's lines only come in one of the three standard wall cabinet heights (30", 36", or 42"). Kitchen Cabinet Kings offer most of their door styles in all three wall cabinet heights; allowing customers with all different size kitchens to be able to choose a door style they love.

Inventory is also essential when dealing with measurements. An inch or two can be a huge difference in smaller kitchens, so you need a distributor that offers cabinets in all sizes. Cabinets To Go does not offer many base cabinets in standard sizes such as 21", 27", and 33" wide. This could mean compromising necessary storage space to certain home owners.

Accessories are the jewelry of the kitchen. Moldings, add-ins, and glass doors serve to make your kitchen more personal. Cabinets To Go has very limited availability of moldings and related cabinet accessories. Each door style only offers one type of top molding. The company also does not offer bottom moldings or roll out trays. Kitchen Cabinet Kings has a plethora of accessories throughout all of their door styles.

Customer service is a selling point to many consumers, especially when dealing with e-commerce sites. Consumers want to feel that they are receiving better support than they would if they were shopping in a traditional showroom. Questions require quicker responses, so it is essential for sites to incorporate as many service mediums as possible. One feature many sites utilize is the live support system. It enables site viewers to instantly receive information on products, processes, and pricing from knowledgeable representatives, all while they are browsing the website. Cabinets To Go does not have this service available to their customers.