The Shaker style of cabinetry is uncomplicated and functional, characterized by five-piece framed and recessed panel doors and drawer fronts with clean lines, square corners and simple hardware. The use of high-quality woods and wood finishes let the design shine. The lack of unnecessary ornamentation makes the Shaker style perfect for modern kitchens, and the streamlined surfaces make it extremely easy to maintain.

What Designs Work Well With Shaker Cabinets?

The most popular trends in kitchen designs, including country, contemporary and industrial, work well with Shaker kitchen cabinets. The current trend of using large drawers for pots and small appliances looks particularly handsome in the Shaker profile. This cabinetry is classic and timeless and never goes out of style. It's especially good for the transitional kitchen, one that is not too traditional but also not too contemporary. Classic Shaker cabinets have a natural wood finish, as seen in our Shakertown design in golden birch, our Mocha Shaker, a rich, dark, mocha-stained birch, and our Pepper Shaker, birch with a charcoal stain. Modern versions are also available with solid-color finishes, such as our Ice White Shaker. The Ice White Shaker and Shakertown are especially attractive in contemporary and country kitchens, and the Mocha and Pepper accentuate industrial kitchens well. However, because of the simplicity of the Shaker design, any one of these styles complement modern kitchens.

Also, don’t think that Shaker cabinets need to be confined to the kitchen. The Shaker style looks good in most modern bathrooms and laundry rooms as well.

Shaker vs. Slab Door Fronts

Slab door cabinets offer a completely flat profile, which is sleek and streamlined. Popular in industrial-style kitchens, slab doors offer absolutely no interruption in the line of the door and drawer fronts. While this is a very functional design, it can also look cold and sterile, especially in white or another solid-color finish. With the slight change of profile provided by the Shaker style, the cabinetry still looks sleek and streamlined but with an interesting bit of variation to break up the line, making the Shaker cabinet suitable for many more types of kitchens.