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Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Small Kitchen


Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Small KitchenSince the kitchen is the gathering place in the home and the hub of family activity, it is little wonder that kitchen remodeling is the most popular home improvement project each year. A remodel may be prompted by a desire for an updated design, wanting a kitchen that functions better for the family, or both. One of the most challenging functionality problems to deal with is the small kitchen. Despite the challenge, there are steps you can take to make that tiny kitchen a design and function dream.

Colors and Light

Choose lighter colors for the countertops, the cabinetry or both to provide an airy, light look. It will give the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Lighting can also give the impression of larger size. Use under-cabinet lighting and clean halogen bulbs for a bright space that appears large and comfortable.

Cabinet Design

Make that small, compact kitchen space work in your favor with fantastic cabinet designs. For example, plan for deeper cabinets near the dishwasher for plates and glasses and place larger cabinets with slide-out drawers for baking dishes next to the oven. Consider a roll-out pantry that can hold lots of dry goods and provide access even to those on the back shelves. Increase counter space by designing pull-out shelves and cutting boards under the countertop.

Small Appliance Storage

Cluttered countertops make your small kitchen appear even smaller. Instead of storing your small appliances on the countertop, consider open shelves above the sink where the appliances are easy to access. Alternatively, build in appliance cozies under the countertops on small, slide out shelves. Appliance garages provide a place on the countertop or at the end of a cabinet to stash appliances while keeping the countertop clean. Choose from French, side hinge or top hinge doors for undercounter garages.

Gathering Places

Use creative design to provide family gathering spots even in a small kitchen. Consider creating a small peninsula at the end of one countertop where you can place a couple of bar stools. If you can create a pass-through window from the small kitchen to the adjoining room, you not only provide an open feel, but a place for possible seating on either side of the pass through.

Although small kitchens to present many challenges, they can also provide cozy, efficient spaces for working and gathering. Careful design is the key to a successful small kitchen.

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