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Kitchen cabinets are available in a plethora of ways; they can be finished or unfinished.  Stains, glosses, and thermofoils are all very popular ways to cover the raw look of your wood species; however, painting kitchen cabinets is also a very commonly used method.  Many homeowners do not want to see wood grain or variation throughout their cabinets; they are looking for a more uniformed look.  Painted kitchen cabinets will give your room a well balanced feel, and you can choose from a few available colors.

One thing that seems to be kept a secret is that most painted cabinet doors are constructed using MDF or particle board.  Some distributors tend to hide this information from consumers because it may scar them away, but there is no reason to be turned off by the usage of these materials.  They are actually better suited for painted finishes than solid wood, contrary to what many people believe.  MDF and particle board will not morph, warp, or crack over time, regardless of the climate and humidity.  This is extremely important when dealing with painted kitchen cabinets because if the door or drawer fronts crack, it is more noticeable on a painted door than it is on a stained door.

Typically, manufacturers will simply use the man made woods for the door and drawer fronts to eliminate any chance of them being altered.  The construction of painted cabinetry should not be compromised; they should still be comprised of all plywood.  This will ensure not only the style and design of your cabinets but the quality as well.

You can achieve the cohesive look with painted kitchen cabinets without worrying about the grade of material being used.  Do not shy away from what you want; simply educate yourself as much as possible on all options before purchasing.

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